i was almost attacked by two rottweilers today aka the most terrifying experience of my entire fucKing life

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Photo by Adam Elmakias
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hrhchriscolfer: Cooper’s really bad at #Hide&Seek…
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Blink 182 UK flag made from the lyrics of the songs from the Leeds setlist

this is amazing

im really sick so my friend is sending me photos of cute boys’ butts i love her so much

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i have food poisoning and i feel so so sick this is the end goodbye cruel world

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A Standard Case of Misdirection


As a winner for my 5k drabble giveaway ssecca01/dragontamerblaine prompted:

CrissColfer: Why’re you under the bed?

Chris doesn’t even see him until he’s nearly tripping over him, Darren’s legs strewn across the floor to suddenly make Chris’s bedroom hazardous….

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Jack Barakat of All Time LowPoughkeepsie, NYMay 2014
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